I will make myself available to all the residents of Boise and I will be open to meaningful conversations when faced with opposing opinions. I will host regular community events and will use the information I gain to guide all of my actions.

I will commit to engaging with the community and neighborhood leaders on a consistent basis. I will work in conjunction with the Mayor and fellow Council members to ensure you have a voice and the opportunity to contribute to key decisions being made on your behalf.



I will advocate for an economic environment supporting businesses and workers throughout our community to ensure there are opportunities for everyone.

I will hold our City accountable for a balanced budget that aligns with the needs and benefits of all our residents.

I will work relentlessly to address rising property taxes and to advocate for reform of the homeowner's tax exemption. The exemption must be tied to increasing home values so that all Boiseans can stay in their homes as our valley develops.

I will support library branches throughout the city knowing that access to the Internet, continuing education, and STEM skills are key factors in the ability of all Boiseans to conduct their business and achieve their dreams.



I will work closely with leadership in both public and private organizations to ensure we’re utilizing all tools available to bring new housing into reality. We broadly agree that we have a shortage of housing, and we need everyone at the table to work towards a solution.

I will advocate for bold action to identify the sources of our housing crisis, and that will include reviewing the way the city governs the process to approve homes for our residents. We must take advantage of the city’s ability to zone for a variety of housing solutions.



I will work tirelessly to prioritize and ensure the safety of all people in our community. This can be accomplished by placing and supporting well-respected and responsibly trained personnel in Boise’s Police and Fire departments. We are all in this together.



I will support user-friendly public transit with access to neighborhoods and services throughout Boise, recognizing that Boiseans can’t work and live their lives without access to safe, reliable transportation.

I will fully support the Urban Trail System, allowing Boiseans the option to safely bike, walk and run to locations throughout our community.


Not only will I  prioritize open spaces and recreational amenities, but I will also work tirelessly to ensure that our investments are equally distributed throughout the city. 

I will advocate for policies that protect all of our natural resources and open spaces. Boise is blessed with an amazing natural environment, and everything we do as a city needs to be considered through that lens.